Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Lake Tahoe!!!

Oh my goodness!  What amazing blessings God keeps showering on our family!  On Thursday night we were given the gift of staying in a friends house in the Tahoe Keys in South Lake Tahoe for the weekend.  So on Friday we packed some bags, loaded the cooler and hit the road after dinner.  The kids slept (which was the plan) and we arrived at the beautiful house on the water about four hours later.  After a good nights sleep we had a lazy morning enjoying the quiet and the view - peaceful water surrounded by snow capped rugged hills.  After lunch we drove around the entire lake - it's big!  We stopped a number of times along the way, one stop was to do a waterfall hike (we are suckers for waterfalls).  Another hike was to see an actual castle, Vikingsholm.  It was all so BEAUTIFUL!  I understand why so many people in the Bay Area rave about this place.  They are low on snow at the moment, otherwise we would have also done some sledding.
This is the entry way in the house - the whole thing is beautiful!
on the beach
Eagle Falls 
The trail
top of the trail
Lower Eagle Falls
Emerald Bay with the rest of Lake Tahoe behind
The rugged mountains all around us
sharing a milkshake
Today has been one of the most restful, peaceful Sabbaths on record.  We are doing a bunch of this:
playing games
And this:
All while listening to some hymns of worship and praise to our amazing God who created this beauty surrounding us.  Zac even got to go on a run for some alone time :)

We head home tonight after dinner, so please pray for safe travels.

Praise God for this much needed restful weekend and the generosity of new friends.  We hope to come back in summer and spend some time on the water!

A Psalm for the Sabbath
You make me glad by your deeds, Lord; 
I sing for joy at what your hands have done.  
How great are your works, 
Lord, how profound your thoughts!  
-Psalm 92: 4-5

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