Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Christmas Tree!

On Saturday, after ballet for Kyla and play practice for Keanan, Zac borrowed the truck from work (totally ok to do) and we headed to the hills to cut down a Christmas tree!  This is our first time ever as a family cutting down a tree from a tree farm - we have always gone up by Mt. Rainier and cut a mountain tree.  The roads up to the farm were very crazy for Zac in the truck, especially the steep single lane parts.  Once there we had a lot of fun and met up with some other friends from Zac's work.
the truck was a bit over-kill for the two trees we were hauling!
Once we got the tree home the Hoffmann's came over for dinner and to help us decorate it!  It is now officially Christmas time in our house!  I love the simplicity of our decorations this year, and I can show it in three pictures. (not pictured is the advent calendar made by my mom)
Our finished tree!
Nativity and Advent candles - Baby Jesus does not come until Christmas day, and each morning the Wise Men are hiding somewhere new in the house (they are looking for Jesus!)
Stockings - all made by Grandma's
Another fun thing from this weekend was the kids Christmas play at church called "The Christmas Cross"!  They did such a great job and had been practicing their songs a ton.  Here's a short video of one of the songs they sang.  Kyla is on one side on the bottom riser, and Keanan is on the other side on the middle riser.
Ready for the Christmas play!
Happy 2nd Sunday of Advent - PEACE!

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