Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Bethlehem

Many of you may remember, we made it our goal when we moved here to the city to get out, away from the masses of people every weekend.  We have been successful all but a few weekends - and this weekend we went to Bethlehem!  No really, we did.
The nativity - live!
This event has gone on for over 10 years and was very well done.  There was a TON of people - so that part of our weekend goal was not met, but the experience was really cool.  I loved seeing the animals, especially the camel carrying one of the wisemen!  The kids liked the angel (he actually rose up in the air above the shepherds) and the special effects.  They got to go around the marketplace and experience a number of things from the time Jesus lived, and we all had hot chocolate at the end.  To top it all off, Uncle Casey went with us!  He flew in tonight for a few days.
Keanan wrote his name on the census list
the Roman guard leader guy
The angel appearing to the shepherds
Some other events from this weekend include ballet class for Kyla, rock climbing for Zac and Keanan, and Kyla and I got to go see our second annual Nutcracker!  It was a great performance here in Santa Clara.  We also had some friends from college / WA over for dinner on Saturday night.
On our way to the Nutcracker!
Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent - JOY!

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