Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekend Adventures: A Pool Party and Airplane Ride!

In our quest to get out of the city this week we ended up going above it!  For dinner tonight we took a ride with a pilot friend, Don, and his girlfriend around San Francisco and over to the coast the the city of Half Moon Bay for some yummy seafood.  It would usually take over an hour to get the Half Moon Bay in the car, but it was a quick 15 minute hop for the plane.  This was the kids first time in a small aircraft and they did great!  They loved the headsets and the fact that they could talk to each other on the microphones.  We would hear a random "whee!" from Kyla and "this is a high g turn!" from Keanan.  So much fun!
we went right over Ghiridhelli square (we've been here a few times)
beautiful sunset over the golden gate bridge
We circled downtown San Francisco
We circled the Golden Gate bridge!
coming in to Half Moon Bay
Other fun things from the weekend included ballet for Kyla, a Soccer game for Keanan, and Keanan's end of the season soccer party.  It was a pool party!  It just blows our minds that we were swimming in an outside pool on November 1st!!  Keanan got a trophy for the season and had a great time at the party.  We also had a great time Saturday evening serving dinner to the homeless at The Refuge with our church.

Getting his trophy from Coach Rob and Coach Matt
Going backwards in our weekends ends us at Halloween!  The kids and I started the night by participating in a parade at a local nursing home and bringing lots of joy to the residents.  Then all four of us helped out at our church's trick or treat event for the community.  We had fun passing out glow bracelets (because I refuse to buy candy!) and Zac got a kick out of all the reactions from his peg leg.  We also had trick or treaters for the first time ever - they also got glow bracelets! ;)
Luke and Leia!
A fun and busy weekend!  Happy November!

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