Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Step Into My Shoes

What is enough?  Do you have enough?  Want to challenge your definition of enough?  We did!  Here is our journey complete with pictures!

Day 1: We are taking a 7 day journey through life with a family in Uganda.  Today we went to the market and based on the jobs we choose "bought" what we could afford for dinner.  We also braided some strips of Ugandan cloth into prayer bracelets for the week.  Everyone is excited for tomorrow!
Most of us could afford rice, beans and water for dinner
Except for could only afford water!
Day 2 of "Step Into My Shoes" led us to experience family life with our Ugandan host family.  We even enjoyed corn nuts as our snack today!  
our prayer bracelets
Day 3 of "Step Into My Shoes", we walked for our water!  We learned about how many people around the world have to walk long distances to get water, and in most cases it is dirty water.  So we taped off all but the most inconvenient source of water (outside spigot) in our house for the day.  This was very eye opening!  
no water in the house today!
this was our water source (it's outside)
Day 4:  We learned about how some Christians in Uganda attend church.  Such hope and joy!  

Day 5 in our "Step into My Shoes" journey:  Did you know that most families houses in Africa are no bigger than a 10 x  10 area?  That is about the size of our bedroom!  To experience how others live and sleep we are all sleeping in one room tonight!  
Day 6: We went to school with our Ugandan hosts!  We also talked about little ways we could show kindness to others tomorrow.  The kids and I will be bringing soup to our homeless friends at the park.

Day 7: We finished our "Step into My Shoes" journey tonight!  What a great week!  I think our family now has a better understanding of what it mean to live with enough.  True "enough" in life is found in Jesus!  We have so much more than we need, so the last activity was to collect these extra things to give away / sell to help those who don't have enough.  The picture is the start to our pile.  So proud of my kids!
I encourage you to check out this amazing FREE program.  Get into the true holiday spirit, Jesus is enough!

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