Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weekend Adventures: A wedding and some pumpkins!

This weekend was the FIRST since we moved here in May that we did not get out of the city.  Well, Zac kind of did - he flew to WA on Saturday night to attend our good friend for college, Richard's wedding in Tacoma, and then he flew back this morning (Sunday).

We did enjoy God's creation this weekend by planting an avocado tree (!!) and carving pumpkins with our friends the Hoffman's.  Super fun time with yummy food and lots of pumpkin guts.  I even got to talk to Keanan and Kyla tonight about how we are like the pumpkins - full of yuck on the inside from sin, but cleaned up by God with his light shinning out of us to tell the world about Him.
There is an avocado tree growing in our yard - heck yes!!
All the pumpkins carved tonight
Our super cute front porch!  Keanan's pumpkin is lit by motion detecting LED's that he and Zac wired together and programmed.  Of course.
We also had ballet for Kyla, a soccer game for Keanan, and crazy bouncy house/slide fun on Saturday.  
This inflatable tiger slide was HUGE!  The kids loved it!
Kyla coming down the tiger slide
What's this you ask?  Did the circus come to town?  Nope.  Just a fumigation tent cover the house across the street for termites.  Great.
In other super awesome and amazing news!!!!  The kids are going to be welcoming a new cousin in May!!!  Zac's sister Jessica and husband Casey are expecting a baby!!  We are so excited!  Here is their cute announcement picture:
Rocky's new rider arrives in May!

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