Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Alum Rock Park

This week Kyla was on N for nest, so I wanted us to try to see some bird nests this weekend.  Luckily the annual wildlife festival at Alum Rock park was today.  So not only did we get to see a bunch of nests, but also live birds and many other amazing creatures.  The kids pet an alligator and snake and also got their faces painted.  When we were done with the festival we went for a little walk to see the mineral springs and play on the playground.
the mineral springs were stinky!

We had a great day despite how it started - with me sick with a head cold and Kyla waking up at 2am puking!  Needless to say we missed church.  But after Kyla was able to keep breakfast and lunch down we thought it was safe to go to the park.

Here's some other pictures of the week:
edible nests!
Keanan finished up his lego engineering unit of gears.  He even motorized the "merry go round"
Keanan took a rock climbing class this week!
Kyla in ballet class
 And we'll end with a video of Keanan scaling the wall in his rock climbing class!
Next week's adventure will include the Johnson family!!  We are sooooo excited!

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