Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weekend Adventures: A wedding and some pumpkins!

This weekend was the FIRST since we moved here in May that we did not get out of the city.  Well, Zac kind of did - he flew to WA on Saturday night to attend our good friend for college, Richard's wedding in Tacoma, and then he flew back this morning (Sunday).

We did enjoy God's creation this weekend by planting an avocado tree (!!) and carving pumpkins with our friends the Hoffman's.  Super fun time with yummy food and lots of pumpkin guts.  I even got to talk to Keanan and Kyla tonight about how we are like the pumpkins - full of yuck on the inside from sin, but cleaned up by God with his light shinning out of us to tell the world about Him.
There is an avocado tree growing in our yard - heck yes!!
All the pumpkins carved tonight
Our super cute front porch!  Keanan's pumpkin is lit by motion detecting LED's that he and Zac wired together and programmed.  Of course.
We also had ballet for Kyla, a soccer game for Keanan, and crazy bouncy house/slide fun on Saturday.  
This inflatable tiger slide was HUGE!  The kids loved it!
Kyla coming down the tiger slide
What's this you ask?  Did the circus come to town?  Nope.  Just a fumigation tent cover the house across the street for termites.  Great.
In other super awesome and amazing news!!!!  The kids are going to be welcoming a new cousin in May!!!  Zac's sister Jessica and husband Casey are expecting a baby!!  We are so excited!  Here is their cute announcement picture:
Rocky's new rider arrives in May!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekend Adventures: With the Ireland's in the Redwoods!

We had a treat this Saturday - the Ireland's flew in for the day!  Greg had an overnight layover in San Jose so Chris and the kids hopped on his plane to come visit us (he is a pilot for Alaska, for those who don't know).  They joined us for lunch and watching Keanan's soccer game.  Then we all drove up to Felton to see some Redwoods.  I think this is our third time doing this particular trail - I love it!  We had some yummy BBQ dinner in Scott's Valley and then ice cream in downtown San Jose before dropping them off at the hotel to fly out in the morning.  I love that they are able to come visit on a whim like that!
playing during Keanan's soccer game
silly kids
On Sunday after church we went to a pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins.  I had flashbacks to EVERY previous pumpkin patch year dressed in warm coats and hats with it usually raining.  Not today.  Today it was about 78 and sunny!  Crazy California.

I also single handedly seeded the back yard this afternoon!  I have a whole landscaping plan and am excited to start!
the before picture - just put the grass seed in
This is Rambo, who has adopted us.  He killed 5 rats in the last 2 weeks!  I will keep feeding him! :)
In other news this week: We played at a new awesome park and took a field trip to Gilroy Garden's (theme park) to participate in their natural science days.  The kids traveled around the park to 6 different stations learning things about animals, plants, rocks, trees, composting, and tropical fruit.  We then had lunch and were able to ride some of the rides.  It was a great field trip!
touching a corn snake
awesome park in Sunnyvale
the park is supposed to be like Easter Island!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend Adventures: With the Johnsons!

We had a multi-day weekend adventure starting on Thursday evening when we drove to the airport to pick up Auntie Ann, Uncle Brian, Lucy and Kate!!  What fun the cousins had together this weekend!
 On Friday we trekked in via the BART and Cable Cars to downtown San Francisco.  We did a bunch of walking, had lunch in Ghirardelli Square, saw the golden gate bridge and Alcatraz from the bay and even got to see a little bit of the Blue Angels show!  It was a fun, but long day and a bit chilly in the city.
on the cable car!

On Saturday Kate and Kyla went to ballet class (too cute!) and then we all spent the rest of the day riding rides at Great America.  Lucy and Keanan were rock stars on the BIG roller coasters!

there was a foam pit!
from here we went on the loggers run to get washed off!

Sadly, we had to drop the Johnson's back at the airport this morning. =(  A short, but very fun visit.
Four little monkey's sleeping in the bed!
After church today Zac and the kids met up with our friend Gabe and his daughter Zoe for a little hike at Steven's Creek county park.  The goal was to spot some turtles (Kyla is on T), and they did!  I was able to relax for a bit in a quiet house, ahh.
turtles we made this week

dry lake bed on the hike today

A wonderful weekend!  This next week is break week for us for school (we do 6 weeks on, 1 week off all year long) and we have some fun field trips planned.  Next weekend's adventure might possibly include the Ireland's!

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Alum Rock Park

This week Kyla was on N for nest, so I wanted us to try to see some bird nests this weekend.  Luckily the annual wildlife festival at Alum Rock park was today.  So not only did we get to see a bunch of nests, but also live birds and many other amazing creatures.  The kids pet an alligator and snake and also got their faces painted.  When we were done with the festival we went for a little walk to see the mineral springs and play on the playground.
the mineral springs were stinky!

We had a great day despite how it started - with me sick with a head cold and Kyla waking up at 2am puking!  Needless to say we missed church.  But after Kyla was able to keep breakfast and lunch down we thought it was safe to go to the park.

Here's some other pictures of the week:
edible nests!
Keanan finished up his lego engineering unit of gears.  He even motorized the "merry go round"
Keanan took a rock climbing class this week!
Kyla in ballet class
 And we'll end with a video of Keanan scaling the wall in his rock climbing class!
Next week's adventure will include the Johnson family!!  We are sooooo excited!