Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Portola Valley Redwoods State Park

In anticipation of a busy Sunday with friends this week, we planned our weekend adventure for Saturday.  So after a morning of ballet class and Keanan's soccer game we drove about an hour up in the hills so I could get my tree fix ;)  Portola Valley Redwoods State Park is advertised as a "hidden gem" in the area.  There were great trails, beautiful redwoods and other trees, a neat visitors center, and a surprising lack of other people.  We did a hike to tiptoe falls, which at this point in the drought is just a trickle.  It is really a wonderful area.  On our way home we stopped at the famous Alice's Restaurant (named after the song) and had some amazing burgers!
Can you see the raging falls behind us?
finally saw a banana slug in CA!
some more wildlife, a CA newt

We were being led by a silly elk and unicorn!

After church on Sunday the kids had a party with their Sunday school classes complete with pizza and bouncy houses!  It was perfect for visiting with the other parents.  In the afternoon we went to play at some friends house in Mountain View (Zac and Gabe work together).  Kyla and Zoe are two peas in a pod and had lots of fun together.

Here's some pictures of other fun things this week.  Keanan was learning about rainbows and telling time, and Kyla was on L for leaf.
leaf rubbings
Some leaf art
This is what Kyla does to my hair during reading time :)
Fruit "clock" pizza!
To wrap it all up, here is another episode of "Ballet with Kyla!"

Happy first week of fall!

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