Friday, September 5, 2014

Homeschool Updates: Our first week officially back to school!

Over the summer we took a break from our normal curriculum (My Father's World) as we settled in to life here in California.  We still did "school", just in a way more laid back fashion using the Five In A Row curriculum.  So this week we jumped back into our normal school routine - it was AWESOME!

Keanan is about 1/3 of the way through the 1st grade, so we just picked up where we left off mid May.  We did lots of reading practice (he is improving everyday!), phonics, writing (not his favorite thing and they only subject that involves whining), history, bible, and math (this week was units of measurement).  Science this week was about volcanoes.  We read lots of books from the library, Keanan painted a volcano, and we did an experiment with dirt and toothpaste to simulate magma.  Of course we'll also be doing to baking soda/vinegar volcano, but we wanted to wait for Zac so it's happening this weekend.

Kyla started Kindergarten this week!  Her letter was S for sun.  She worked on her writing, phonics, bible, history, math, reading (she is doing so good starting to sound out the words in our BOB books.) We read lots of books about the sun and even made "sun bread" from one of the library books!  It got a little "tan", but we followed the directions.

We started a few new things this time around, the first is adding Spanish to our daily school routine.  We are using a program called Speekee online and the kids really like it.  One of the activities this week was to make the sock puppets that are used in some of the videos, Dino and Lupi.  They came out so cute!  The rule is they can only speak Spanish ;)

A month or so ago I had asked Keanan what things he wanted to learn about this year, without much hesitation he said "engineering things".  So we have started a curriculum from Lego called Simple Machines - Gears, Levers, Pulleys, and Wheels & Axles.  This week was our introduction to gears.  Keanan already knew most of it, but still had fun building the model and answering the questions.  It's going to be really cool!

Other things from the week:  Keanan started soccer!  He had practice with his new team on Tuesday and their first game is tomorrow.  Both kids also had dentist appointments, which went great.  Kyla starts ballet tomorrow morning and is SO excited, we are also trying out a music class on Tuesday and starting BSF and small groups at our church on Wednesday.  Thursday will be my first day teaching childbirth class in Mountain View too!  Whew!!  Things are going to get busy!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Glad the kids are enjoying Speekee Jen (I am one of the co founders). Great sock puppets!