Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekend Adventures: With the Lathrop's at the River!

The kids and I left Santa Clara on Wednesday morning and safely arrived at my parents river place on Thursday night (with an overnight stop in Ashland OR).  The kids did great in the car (thanks to books on cd from the library), but we were all done with it after 13 hours of traveling.  They have had non-stop fun with cousins and we finally got to meet the newest cousin, Piper, who I am holding while I type this :)  Enjoy the pictures!
on the swings
Piper sticking out her tongue
They're all out in the middle of the river! (low tide)
playing in the river
Keanan and Lucy playing in the mud
mud monster!
Kyla and Kate talking to Piper
Grandpa, Grandma, and 5 grandkids in the canoe!

Next week is VBS in Yelm!  Many pictures to come!

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