Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Hidden Villa

We had such an awesome family weekend!  I think we were all missing each other from the last 2 weekends.  
On Saturday we all slept in super late, it was glorious!  After breakfast Kyla and I went to the Santa Clara farmers markets for some yummy cheese and fruit.  Zac and Keanan went to the hardware store to get all the parts needed to make stilts for Keanan's bed - all floor space must me used for legos.  

The rest of the day was lazy.  The boys worked on the bed and this is what the girls did: 
It was so good to be back at our church on Sunday - we had missed our new friends and they missed us.  We are excited to join a small group (life groups) on the 10th.  After church we drove up to Los Altos Hills to a working farm / wilderness preserve called Hidden Villa.  We had lots of fun seeing the animals and the garden.  While wandering around the free range chickens on our way to see the pigs, I spotted a tarantula!!!!  You all should be SO proud of me because I was very calm and collected - no screaming or running at all.  The kids and Zac got up close to check it out and I kept at least a 20 ft buffer.  Zac even let it climb on his shoe!!!  This was my limit - I could not watch and went to go check out some other chickens.  

After the giant spider we headed down a trail for a little hike.  It ended up being a rather long hike and a pretty steep trail with lots of switch backs, but everyone did really well.  
Back at home it was swimming time for the kids and homework time for Zac (he is taking another Master's class).   After dinner we played a board game, read some books, and sent the kids to bed.

Tomorrow is our first day of school!

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  1. I love hearing of your adventures. Have a great first week of school!