Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Castle Rock and Bricks by the Bay

After a very lazy Saturday morning (to recover from our VBS week) we took a short drive to Castle Rock state park for a hike to castle rock falls.  The rock formations here are so cool - all the rock climbers in the area come here.  The trail was very beautiful with HUGE douglas firs, but the falls were only a trickle thanks to the extreme drought we're in.  Here's some pictures:
That's Keanan and Zac up in the hole
When we got home there was a battle and Luke Skywalker defeated Darth Vader.  Part of the fight even took place in our front yard - our neighbors think we're weird.
On Sunday morning the kids performed two of their songs from VBS at church and did a great job!  After church and lunch we drove down the street to Brinks by the Bay, a huge Lego convention!!  It is amazing what people can build with Lego's.  The kids both ended up buying things with their allowance and were happy campers.
cool Lego flowers!
This evening we had friends from Zac's work over for dinner.  Their daughter is the same age as Kyla and their son is almost 2, so cute!  We have a great visit and hope to hang out with them more.

This is travel week!  We head to Washington on Wednesday and are super excited!  Please pray for the kids and I as we drive.  The next weekend adventure post will be from my parents river house!

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