Friday, August 1, 2014

Our Homeschool Week: FIAR Storm in the Night

This is our last school week of summer!  Next week is VBS at our church here, and then we head to Washington for a few weeks to visit friends and family and do VBS at our old church.
Storm in the night is a sweet story of a grandfather and grandson during a thunder and lightening storm.  We studied: the water cycle, thunder and lightening, clouds, sources of light, onomatopoeia, and did some copy work with a bible verse about fear.
In other homeschool news: I'm in a book!  This book just came out this week and I was interviewed for part of it!  I haven't read it yet, but have a free copy coming my way ;)
I had a meeting with our PSP (private school provider), the King's Academy, last weekend and have been getting all our state required paperwork and such together for our homeschooling year (in CA, you are either recognized as a public school or a private school, there is no designation for homeschool).  It is WAY easier to homeschool in WA than here!!  Keanan even had to get a TB test since we are from out of state, sheesh!  I am also getting all my required paperwork done to start teaching childbirth classes at Real Options (pregnancy center) in September!  According to the director, they already have people signed up for my class :)

In some sad news - our stick bugs, which have lived in our school room for over a year (we were on the 2nd generation of bugs) were brutally murdered and dismembered by the DEMON SUGAR ANTS that have invaded our house for the past month.  It. Was. Disturbing.  They got in the stick bugs cage and were carrying them out through the tiny holes in little pieces.  Now, I never really liked the stick bugs (they are bugs - 'nuff said), but I would NEVER wish this type of fate on them.  I HATE the ants.  We killed them all and sprayed poison into their entry point.  Rest in peace poor stick bugs :(  Please pray that all the ants DIE a quick but painful death and STAY OUT OF MY HOUSE!

Here are some other pictures from the week:
Kyla and Miss Allie!  Our friends the Hazen's stopped by overnight on their way home from S. CA.
She wanted to be known as "Princess of the Belt"!
He lost ANOTHER tooth!  He can no longer eat apples or corn on the cob!
We head to the ocean for an all-expense-paid weekend with Zac's work tomorrow!  It's the summer outing known as "Zee you at the Ocean!" (Zee Areo is the name of the company ;) )

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  1. Congratulations on your part in the new book and your birthing class! We rowed Storm in the Night a few years ago. We love FIAR. Sorry to hear about your stick bugs. We think they are so interesting. Enjoyed reading your highlights. Thanks for sharing.