Friday, August 8, 2014

B.A.S.I.C Science VBS!!

We have had an AWESOME week at our church's VBS!  The kids learned great songs, meet new friends, did super fun science experiments, and learned more about God's love and plan for them.

BASIC stands for B - believe, A - ask, S - serve, I - impact, C - celebrate!  Each day had a letter, bible truth, verse, and science experiments that tied into the theme.  I asked the kids what their favorite experiments were and they both said making "snow" (showing how the blood of Jesus makes us white as snow) and slime (showing how gross and yucky we are before God makes us new).  Keanan especially already loves science, but now he loves it even more!

Part of the I for impact was an offering for a school in India that one of our pastors is traveling to next month.  The VBS kids (and their parents) ending up offering $350 dollars!

The VERY BEST thing about the week was on the last day, C for celebrate - Kyla decided to ask Jesus into her heart!!!  I saw her go up at the response time at the end and on the way home I asked her about it.  She said she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart, but hadn't done it yet.  So we did, right in the car!  It's funny, because Keanan asked Jesus into his heart in the same car one morning on the way to BSF when he was 4 1/2 :)
This little girl has a place in the Kingdom!

I was blessed to volunteer this week as the registration person (which had a lot of prep last week!) and a snack helper.  I also got to lead a group of 1st - 3rd graders on Wednesday - they wore me out!  I was so impressed with our Children's Pastor, Pastor Peggy - she is a pro!  It was a great program with great volunteers showing the love of Jesus to all the kids.

The kids are excited to perform some of their songs at church on Sunday!  We have all been practicing with the CD in the car.  Right now we are all exhausted and ready to sleep in in the morning!  Here's some pictures of our week!
He loved the slime!
making slime (they all wore lab coats during experiment lab :) )
Some of Kyla's group
Keanan's group
Practicing for Sunday
In other news:  We had a professional exterminator come the the house TWICE this week - so we hope to be at the end of our ant battle!  And I got a new chromebook, which I'm using right now! ;)

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