Friday, August 29, 2014

A double weekly wrap-up

Ok I lied.  I have absolutely ZERO pictures of the rest of our Washington trip.  It was such a whirlwind of a time that I completely forgot to take any!

Here's the breakdown:
Monday - Friday evenings were spent at Crossroad's family VBS!  I was in charge of registration and my best friend Chris was the director (see her awesome rap below!)  It was a great time - but lots of work.
Monday - Wednesday days were spent at my parents house.  We played with cousins, spent one afternoon at my sister's house, and one afternoon at my brother's new house in Orting.

Thursday - Friday days were spent in Yelm.  We played with the Hobb's and slept at their house.  We also got to have breakfast with Amber and Eli, lunch with Auntie Jess, and ice cream with Miss Krista.

Saturday and Sunday we were in Mossyrock visiting with the Vawter side.  We even got to see Buppa and Auntie Diane!

Sunday night we drove back to Graham to spend the night at Ann and Brian's.  Monday afternoon and dinner were at my parents house and then we set out for California that night!

We had not originally planned to head back so soon, but we were all missing Zac a ton (and he was missing us!) and a bit sleep deprived (tired me is not super fun).  We made it just South of Eugene OR Monday night and slept in a hotel before hitting the road again in the morning.  After a uneventful car ride (thank you again books on CD!)  We arrived to our front door with Zac waiting around 7pm.

The last couple of days have been pretty relaxed with house cleaning and grocery shopping.  I also rearranged so that our school stuff is in the living room and Keanan is now living in his own room (the lego room).  The school year officially starts on Monday for us - we are all excited and ready!

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