Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Hidden Villa

We had such an awesome family weekend!  I think we were all missing each other from the last 2 weekends.  
On Saturday we all slept in super late, it was glorious!  After breakfast Kyla and I went to the Santa Clara farmers markets for some yummy cheese and fruit.  Zac and Keanan went to the hardware store to get all the parts needed to make stilts for Keanan's bed - all floor space must me used for legos.  

The rest of the day was lazy.  The boys worked on the bed and this is what the girls did: 
It was so good to be back at our church on Sunday - we had missed our new friends and they missed us.  We are excited to join a small group (life groups) on the 10th.  After church we drove up to Los Altos Hills to a working farm / wilderness preserve called Hidden Villa.  We had lots of fun seeing the animals and the garden.  While wandering around the free range chickens on our way to see the pigs, I spotted a tarantula!!!!  You all should be SO proud of me because I was very calm and collected - no screaming or running at all.  The kids and Zac got up close to check it out and I kept at least a 20 ft buffer.  Zac even let it climb on his shoe!!!  This was my limit - I could not watch and went to go check out some other chickens.  

After the giant spider we headed down a trail for a little hike.  It ended up being a rather long hike and a pretty steep trail with lots of switch backs, but everyone did really well.  
Back at home it was swimming time for the kids and homework time for Zac (he is taking another Master's class).   After dinner we played a board game, read some books, and sent the kids to bed.

Tomorrow is our first day of school!

Friday, August 29, 2014

A double weekly wrap-up

Ok I lied.  I have absolutely ZERO pictures of the rest of our Washington trip.  It was such a whirlwind of a time that I completely forgot to take any!

Here's the breakdown:
Monday - Friday evenings were spent at Crossroad's family VBS!  I was in charge of registration and my best friend Chris was the director (see her awesome rap below!)  It was a great time - but lots of work.
Monday - Wednesday days were spent at my parents house.  We played with cousins, spent one afternoon at my sister's house, and one afternoon at my brother's new house in Orting.

Thursday - Friday days were spent in Yelm.  We played with the Hobb's and slept at their house.  We also got to have breakfast with Amber and Eli, lunch with Auntie Jess, and ice cream with Miss Krista.

Saturday and Sunday we were in Mossyrock visiting with the Vawter side.  We even got to see Buppa and Auntie Diane!

Sunday night we drove back to Graham to spend the night at Ann and Brian's.  Monday afternoon and dinner were at my parents house and then we set out for California that night!

We had not originally planned to head back so soon, but we were all missing Zac a ton (and he was missing us!) and a bit sleep deprived (tired me is not super fun).  We made it just South of Eugene OR Monday night and slept in a hotel before hitting the road again in the morning.  After a uneventful car ride (thank you again books on CD!)  We arrived to our front door with Zac waiting around 7pm.

The last couple of days have been pretty relaxed with house cleaning and grocery shopping.  I also rearranged so that our school stuff is in the living room and Keanan is now living in his own room (the lego room).  The school year officially starts on Monday for us - we are all excited and ready!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekend Adventures: With the Lathrop's at the River!

The kids and I left Santa Clara on Wednesday morning and safely arrived at my parents river place on Thursday night (with an overnight stop in Ashland OR).  The kids did great in the car (thanks to books on cd from the library), but we were all done with it after 13 hours of traveling.  They have had non-stop fun with cousins and we finally got to meet the newest cousin, Piper, who I am holding while I type this :)  Enjoy the pictures!
on the swings
Piper sticking out her tongue
They're all out in the middle of the river! (low tide)
playing in the river
Keanan and Lucy playing in the mud
mud monster!
Kyla and Kate talking to Piper
Grandpa, Grandma, and 5 grandkids in the canoe!

Next week is VBS in Yelm!  Many pictures to come!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Castle Rock and Bricks by the Bay

After a very lazy Saturday morning (to recover from our VBS week) we took a short drive to Castle Rock state park for a hike to castle rock falls.  The rock formations here are so cool - all the rock climbers in the area come here.  The trail was very beautiful with HUGE douglas firs, but the falls were only a trickle thanks to the extreme drought we're in.  Here's some pictures:
That's Keanan and Zac up in the hole
When we got home there was a battle and Luke Skywalker defeated Darth Vader.  Part of the fight even took place in our front yard - our neighbors think we're weird.
On Sunday morning the kids performed two of their songs from VBS at church and did a great job!  After church and lunch we drove down the street to Brinks by the Bay, a huge Lego convention!!  It is amazing what people can build with Lego's.  The kids both ended up buying things with their allowance and were happy campers.
cool Lego flowers!
This evening we had friends from Zac's work over for dinner.  Their daughter is the same age as Kyla and their son is almost 2, so cute!  We have a great visit and hope to hang out with them more.

This is travel week!  We head to Washington on Wednesday and are super excited!  Please pray for the kids and I as we drive.  The next weekend adventure post will be from my parents river house!

Friday, August 8, 2014

B.A.S.I.C Science VBS!!

We have had an AWESOME week at our church's VBS!  The kids learned great songs, meet new friends, did super fun science experiments, and learned more about God's love and plan for them.

BASIC stands for B - believe, A - ask, S - serve, I - impact, C - celebrate!  Each day had a letter, bible truth, verse, and science experiments that tied into the theme.  I asked the kids what their favorite experiments were and they both said making "snow" (showing how the blood of Jesus makes us white as snow) and slime (showing how gross and yucky we are before God makes us new).  Keanan especially already loves science, but now he loves it even more!

Part of the I for impact was an offering for a school in India that one of our pastors is traveling to next month.  The VBS kids (and their parents) ending up offering $350 dollars!

The VERY BEST thing about the week was on the last day, C for celebrate - Kyla decided to ask Jesus into her heart!!!  I saw her go up at the response time at the end and on the way home I asked her about it.  She said she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart, but hadn't done it yet.  So we did, right in the car!  It's funny, because Keanan asked Jesus into his heart in the same car one morning on the way to BSF when he was 4 1/2 :)
This little girl has a place in the Kingdom!

I was blessed to volunteer this week as the registration person (which had a lot of prep last week!) and a snack helper.  I also got to lead a group of 1st - 3rd graders on Wednesday - they wore me out!  I was so impressed with our Children's Pastor, Pastor Peggy - she is a pro!  It was a great program with great volunteers showing the love of Jesus to all the kids.

The kids are excited to perform some of their songs at church on Sunday!  We have all been practicing with the CD in the car.  Right now we are all exhausted and ready to sleep in in the morning!  Here's some pictures of our week!
He loved the slime!
making slime (they all wore lab coats during experiment lab :) )
Some of Kyla's group
Keanan's group
Practicing for Sunday
In other news:  We had a professional exterminator come the the house TWICE this week - so we hope to be at the end of our ant battle!  And I got a new chromebook, which I'm using right now! ;)

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Zee you at the Ocean!

We spent this weekend at Zac's work outing on the beach of the Asilomar grounds, just south of Monterrey.  We had a ton of fun, and didn't pay a dime!  There are about 100 employees at Zee Areo, and most of them came on the trip with their families.  The company provided a bus to drive us out there and we arrived around lunch time on Saturday.  After lunch we hopped back on the bus for a behind the scenes tour of the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.  This is the coolest aquarium I have ever been too - and we didn't even have time to see it all!

The bus took us back to Asilomar and we checked into our rooms were I proceeded to fall asleep on the bed mid-conversation with Zac (I was a little tired).  We had a yummy dinner followed by a bonfire with smores and hot chocolate.  To wrap up the night (for the kids) we joined in on a swing dance lesson!  We put the kids to bed and then visited in the lobby of our lodge with Gabe and Katie.  Gabe also works at Zee and we had a blast chatting with them.  It was so fun, in fact, that we all lost track of time and went to bed after 1am!

On Sunday morning we went down to the dining hall for breakfast and then headed to the beach to explore the tide pools.  There were tons of hermit crabs and anemones.  Of course Keanan and Zac had to try feeding a hermit crab to an anemone.  We wandered around the boardwalk before grabbing our sack lunch and riding the bus back to Zee.  It was a busy, but very fun weekend.  Enjoy the pictures!

baby hermit crab!

from the boardwalk

Kyla decided she was done walking and randomly laid down on the sidewalk 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Our Homeschool Week: FIAR Storm in the Night

This is our last school week of summer!  Next week is VBS at our church here, and then we head to Washington for a few weeks to visit friends and family and do VBS at our old church.
Storm in the night is a sweet story of a grandfather and grandson during a thunder and lightening storm.  We studied: the water cycle, thunder and lightening, clouds, sources of light, onomatopoeia, and did some copy work with a bible verse about fear.
In other homeschool news: I'm in a book!  This book just came out this week and I was interviewed for part of it!  I haven't read it yet, but have a free copy coming my way ;)
I had a meeting with our PSP (private school provider), the King's Academy, last weekend and have been getting all our state required paperwork and such together for our homeschooling year (in CA, you are either recognized as a public school or a private school, there is no designation for homeschool).  It is WAY easier to homeschool in WA than here!!  Keanan even had to get a TB test since we are from out of state, sheesh!  I am also getting all my required paperwork done to start teaching childbirth classes at Real Options (pregnancy center) in September!  According to the director, they already have people signed up for my class :)

In some sad news - our stick bugs, which have lived in our school room for over a year (we were on the 2nd generation of bugs) were brutally murdered and dismembered by the DEMON SUGAR ANTS that have invaded our house for the past month.  It. Was. Disturbing.  They got in the stick bugs cage and were carrying them out through the tiny holes in little pieces.  Now, I never really liked the stick bugs (they are bugs - 'nuff said), but I would NEVER wish this type of fate on them.  I HATE the ants.  We killed them all and sprayed poison into their entry point.  Rest in peace poor stick bugs :(  Please pray that all the ants DIE a quick but painful death and STAY OUT OF MY HOUSE!

Here are some other pictures from the week:
Kyla and Miss Allie!  Our friends the Hazen's stopped by overnight on their way home from S. CA.
She wanted to be known as "Princess of the Belt"!
He lost ANOTHER tooth!  He can no longer eat apples or corn on the cob!
We head to the ocean for an all-expense-paid weekend with Zac's work tomorrow!  It's the summer outing known as "Zee you at the Ocean!" (Zee Areo is the name of the company ;) )

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