Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Adventures! The one where we go see some Redwoods!

Our weekend started with a trip to Happy Hallow (zoo/park) with some friends from church.  We had fun, but I think we have ruined the kids with our frequent trips to Great America.
Zac and the kids on the "Frog Hopper"
On Sunday after church we headed up into the hills towards Santa Cruz to Henry Cowell Redwoods state park.  I LOVE the redwoods.  They are some of my favorite things to see on Earth.  We WILL come back here, and now we want to get some land in this area and put a tiny house on it for a get-away / weekend spot.
This is "The Giant"  270ft tall!  God's creation is amazing!

We took a trail down to the river.  Zac thought the train tressel was neat
They were told they could not get their shoes in the water...
This tree was alive when Jesus was born!!

On the way home we saw a sign for a covered bridge.  The Amish-wanna-be in me had to stop.
Some other randomness from the weekend:
We have a cat...kind of.  This is Rambo.  He lives somewhere in the neighborhood, but has adopted us because I feed him tuna and salmon.  He is super nice, but very skinny.
I am reading these right now...all of them.  I don't think that is normal.

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