Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nana and Grandpa come for a visit!

We have had the pleasure of hosting Zac's parents (and their dogs Nip and Dela) for the last 5 days.  They pulled in on Wednesday with their camper which has been parked on the front lawn - which has worked out really great!  There have been lots of adventures - train rides, Gilroy Gardens, ANTS (they all left our house when our landlord sprayed and invaded the camper!!), redwoods, goat dairy farm, swimming, church, lots of games, and hanging out.  We are all going to be sad to see them leave tomorrow.  Enjoy the pictures!

The camper!

Nana painted Kyla's nails!
Paddle boats at Gilroy Gardens
On a roller coaster with Grandpa

On a roller coaster at Gilroy Gardens
Kyla's driving!
Keanan's driving our car!
Under the Arch - one of the Circus Tree's at Gilroy Garden's

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