Sunday, July 27, 2014

Auntie Jess and Uncle Casey come to visit!

We've had a fun few days with Zac's sister and brother in law!  We've played in the pool, eaten lots of food, spent an ENTIRE DAY (with a break for dinner) at Great America playing in the water park and riding rides, driven up to see the Redwoods and hike down to play in a river, had way to much desserts, and an all around great time.  We were sad when they had to go catch their plane home this morning.  Enjoy the pictures! (Taken by Jess!)

Zac is trying to catch a crawfish!
He got it!
This is right before it pinched Keanan's finger!

Our next visitor's, the Hazen's, arrive in about an hour!  But they are only staying one night ;)

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