Sunday, July 27, 2014

Auntie Jess and Uncle Casey come to visit!

We've had a fun few days with Zac's sister and brother in law!  We've played in the pool, eaten lots of food, spent an ENTIRE DAY (with a break for dinner) at Great America playing in the water park and riding rides, driven up to see the Redwoods and hike down to play in a river, had way to much desserts, and an all around great time.  We were sad when they had to go catch their plane home this morning.  Enjoy the pictures! (Taken by Jess!)

Zac is trying to catch a crawfish!
He got it!
This is right before it pinched Keanan's finger!

Our next visitor's, the Hazen's, arrive in about an hour!  But they are only staying one night ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nana and Grandpa come for a visit!

We have had the pleasure of hosting Zac's parents (and their dogs Nip and Dela) for the last 5 days.  They pulled in on Wednesday with their camper which has been parked on the front lawn - which has worked out really great!  There have been lots of adventures - train rides, Gilroy Gardens, ANTS (they all left our house when our landlord sprayed and invaded the camper!!), redwoods, goat dairy farm, swimming, church, lots of games, and hanging out.  We are all going to be sad to see them leave tomorrow.  Enjoy the pictures!

The camper!

Nana painted Kyla's nails!
Paddle boats at Gilroy Gardens
On a roller coaster with Grandpa

On a roller coaster at Gilroy Gardens
Kyla's driving!
Keanan's driving our car!
Under the Arch - one of the Circus Tree's at Gilroy Garden's

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Adventures! The one where we go see some Redwoods!

Our weekend started with a trip to Happy Hallow (zoo/park) with some friends from church.  We had fun, but I think we have ruined the kids with our frequent trips to Great America.
Zac and the kids on the "Frog Hopper"
On Sunday after church we headed up into the hills towards Santa Cruz to Henry Cowell Redwoods state park.  I LOVE the redwoods.  They are some of my favorite things to see on Earth.  We WILL come back here, and now we want to get some land in this area and put a tiny house on it for a get-away / weekend spot.
This is "The Giant"  270ft tall!  God's creation is amazing!

We took a trail down to the river.  Zac thought the train tressel was neat
They were told they could not get their shoes in the water...
This tree was alive when Jesus was born!!

On the way home we saw a sign for a covered bridge.  The Amish-wanna-be in me had to stop.
Some other randomness from the weekend:
We have a cat...kind of.  This is Rambo.  He lives somewhere in the neighborhood, but has adopted us because I feed him tuna and salmon.  He is super nice, but very skinny.
I am reading these right now...all of them.  I don't think that is normal.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Homeschool this week: FIAR Very Last First Time

This week we "rowed" Very Last First Time - the story of Eva, an Inuit girl who goes under the ice on the sea bed to collect muscles for the first time by herself.  We spent time learning about the Inuit, Canada (and had french toast with real maple syrup for dinner - it was in our book!), a salt water science experiment, some story problems to go with the book, fear and some Bible copywork, and sea creatures.

We went to the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco on Thursday to get an up close look at some of the creatures we were studying.  We loved the under sea tunnels and touching the rays, skates, sea stars, and annenomies.  The aquarium had a scavenger hunt that I printed off at home which was really neat, and helped us learn even more.

We strolled down Pier 39 (that's the famous one) as ways and stopped for lunch where we had crab and calamari!  And super yummy cupcakes for dessert.

In other news:  The most awesome thing in the world got installed on Monday - my dishwasher!!!!!  Praise the Lord, I was going to lose my mind!

Zac's work is going super well and they ran a bunch of experiments this week that had great results.  I am meeting with the local pregnancy center (Real Options) to talk about teaching childbirth classes there soon, and also have a meeting set to meet the Young Lives group in San Jose to see about becoming a mentor mom.

We were accepted into two different homeschool groups this week - the Explorer's (support, field trips, park days...) and The Kings Academy Private School Provider (PSP) program.  The laws for California are set up so that homeschoolers become their own "private schools", or you can join a PSP program where they take care of filing all the paperwork and keeping track of everything for the state.  We decided that this would be the way to go for us, at least this year, being new to the state.  We still homeschool as normal at home, just turn in some papers to The King's Academy.  Keanan also gets to have real school pictures and get an ID card through King's!  We have also decided to start Kindergarten with Kyla in the fall.  She is more than ready and very excited about it.  I kept all the My Father's World K materials and had already ordered another set of student sheets, so the prep will be easy.

No school for us for the next two week because Nana and Grandpa (Zac's parents) come next week, and then Auntie Jess and Uncle Casey come the week after that!!  We are super excited!!

Have a great weekend!

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend Adventures! The one where we learn to identify poison oak

With the long holiday weekend we got all our "around the house" stuff done on Friday, so we decided to go on our out of the city adventure on Saturday.  This time we went hiking in the Sunol Regional Wilderness over on the east bay.  The visitor center was really neat and we got to see a bunch of native wildlife like rattlesnakes, tarantulas, king snakes, turtles, toads, and a bull snake that the ranger was holding and we could touch.  The kids just got their allowance that morning and had money burning a hole in their pocket so they each bought a little glow in the dark creature.

Before we went on our hike we had the ranger show us poison oak.  Poor Zac somehow got into some last weekend and he has been miserable all week.  Now we know "leaves of 3, in a T, let them be!"  We did one of the shorter trails with more shade because it was super hot!  The views reminded me of eastern Washington.
On Sunday we went to church and then out to lunch with a bunch of new church friends!  We will be meeting up with most of them for an outing on Saturday too.  The rest of the day was lazy and awesome.  Tomorrow my dishwasher gets installed!!!  Praise the Lord!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Our 4th of July Week

Happy 4th of July!  To celebrate the holiday and spend time playing with the Ireland's, we did not do any home schooling this week.  Enjoy the pictures!
Picnic lunch with the Ireland's and our first time at Chick Fil A!
Splash pad at the park with the Ireland's
Ice cream at Great America with new friends!
Heading to the store :)
Planted some dahlias on Friday, they remind me of my mom and dad's house.
We planted 8 lavender plants this morning - this is looking out from our front door.
To celebrate our country's birthday we are going to the roof of Zac's work this evening to watch fireworks over the bay!
Happy 4th of July!