Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Adventures! The one where the one legged man gets a bike...

It has been our tradition that each weekend we get out of the city.  We all need this after living on 10 acres in the middle of nowhere.  We miss nature and the solitude of being away from the rest of the world.  Typically, these adventures have taken place on Sunday after church.  They have so far included 2 trips to the ocean and one hike in Uvas Canyon on a waterfall loop trail.

This weekend started with Zac dismantling my car all day Saturday to try to fix a problem with the engine misfiring.   We also woke up to find Pretty Book, Kyla's betta fish, dead.  So the kids and I decided to walk about 10 minutes down to the CalTrain stop and ride the train 2 stations down to Mountain View.  We then walked about 5 minutes to a neat fish pet shop and procured another betta, Pretty Baby.  When we got home Zac was just putting everything back together - but the problem remained.  So my car is going to the shop tomorrow and we are down a car.
Waiting for the train at the Mountain View Station
Since we are so close to the train, it only makes sense to utilize it (and Zac's work will pay for the ticket!).  So after church on Sunday (we are attending Crosswalk Community in Sunnyvale and REALLY like it!), Zac found and bought himself a bike on Craigslist.  This process took a bit longer than expected, so we had to change our plans of going to see some Redwoods at one of the State Parks.  Instead, we found a cool park in Cupertino with a slightly intense hike up to a vista.  Amazing views of Silicon Valley!

Being silly at the park

Zac's new bike! 

We have been looking for a family hobby that will get us active, so Monday we are signed up for belay lessons at a local rock climbing gym!  We are all really excited!  We also hope to have dinner with some friends (or two) this week and I have a meeting with the local YoungLives group about becoming a mentor mom!  We are starting to get plugged in, but we all still miss "home".  :(  

Have a great week!

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  1. A couple of times now I've stumbled across a 'crunchy' article or recipe or something and made a mental note to bring it up next time I saw you but - dag-nabbit, Jen isn't here anymore :( We just had a River Ridge family from our new Small Group move down to CA too; it's an epidemic! Sad news about Kyla's beta, but rock climbing sounds neato :)