Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Adventure's: The one where the Ireland's come to visit!

Saturday as a lazy day around the house for us after being out late at friends house (we have friends here!) for dinner.  One fun thing my engineer boys made was a light-brite out of legos!
 After much anticipation and excitement we drove 10 min to the airport to pick up Chris, Esther, Jadon, and Rahab!  We had dinner and played before putting the kids to bed and visiting.  

After an early wake-up we all made it to church and after ward the kids and Chris played on the playground while Zac and I attended a quick class to get more info about Crosswalk, the church.  Then it was up in the hills for a quick hiking adventure, a DQ stop, and back home to play in the pool.  I very fun filled day!  We get to play with the Ireland's one more day until they fly home and we're enjoying every minute of it (especially the part where Chris washes my dishes =) )!

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