Friday, June 27, 2014

Homeschool this week: FIAR The Clown of God

This is an old legend story of a Italian Renaissance orphan who juggled for his bread and eventually became a traveling clown.  We studied: Italy and ate spaghetti and gelato(!), gravity, rainbows, juggling and tried a bit ourselves, the Renaissance and made stained glass cookies(!), and did some handwriting work about bringing glory to God.
Making the stained glass cookies
 We started a new tradition this week called "Adventure Day!"  During the summer we will go on an adventure one day a week.  This week we went to an awesome theme park called Gilroy Gardens.  The kids loved it!
 That's Keanan on a roller coaster by himself!
 Kyla on the carousel by herself :)
This week we also had swimming lessons, played at the park with a homeschool group that we will be joining (yay!!!), had dinner at some new friends house, took a belaying class and did some rock climbing at this awesome place (that we are joining since Zac's work pays for 1/2!!) , and most importantly welcomed a new beautiful cousin to our family!!  On Wednesday Piper Ann Lathrop was born to my brother and sister-in-law!  I am sooo excited to snuggle her when we visit in August, and have to admit that I broke down in tears about being so far away from her on Wednesday night (poor Zac.).  =(

Next Post: weekend adventures with the Ireland's!!!!

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