Friday, June 20, 2014

Homeschool this week: FIAR Three Names

This book is the story of a great-Grandfather telling about his year attending school in a prairie one room school house with his dog, Three Names.  We studied dogs, wisdom (with some bible handwriting practice), tornadoes (and made one in a bottle), painting with watercolors, marble games (and played them), and prairie life.  We have already read the Little House on the Prairie series, so we spent some time watching the pilot of the famous TV show.
One of the prairie stories we read ended with a doll tea party, complete with snickerdoodles.  We all felt it was very important to recreate this and invited Samantha (Kyla's doll), and the stuffed 747. =)

In other news this week:  we had friends from Zac's work over for dinner, all got haircuts, found a new doctor (Kyla has either an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite or poison ivy) and dentist (I had a slight chipped tooth).  We had a random evening trip to Great America for some roller coaster rides, bike riding practice, swimming lessons, and Keanan lost his 3rd tooth!
This evening Zac and I are attending a spiritual parenting class at our church and the kids get to watch a movie in the gym (they are super excited).

I hope to post more regularly here because I am deleting my Facebook account tomorrow morning, for a number of reasons.  It is freeing to think about not being connected to it.

Next post: our weekend adventures!

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