Saturday, June 14, 2014

FIAR The Glorious Flight!

It's not surprising that the move to Santa Clara has disrupted our normal routine.  So for the rest of the summer (most of August will be spent in Washington anyway), we will be using the Five In A Row curriculum for our school time.  This is a literature based unit study using popular childrens books.  We read the main book every day (five times in a row - hence the name), and then pick a different component of the story to study each day.  It is super fun and laid back, but we are all still learning - perfect for summer!
We spent the last week and a half "rowing" The Glorious Flight.  This is the true story of Louis Bleriot a his flight over the English Channel in 1909.  We studied France, and then found an awesome French cafe near our house (dangerously near...).  We studied perseverance and inventions, with some bible verse copy work and reading a neat invention book from the library.  We studied similes, and made some up on our own.  We studied roman numerals, and how to use them on a clock.  And of course, we studied the history of flight and the parts of an airplane.
To wrap it all up, we met Zac at an airport to see some real planes, and actual get inside a few!  He has some pretty cool connections ;).  This was a great unit and I'm glad we've decided to go this route during the summer.
Here's some other pictures from the week:

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  1. Neato! I've been considering FIAR for next year, so it's nice to hear another thumbs-up for it :)