Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Adventure's: The one where the Ireland's come to visit!

Saturday as a lazy day around the house for us after being out late at friends house (we have friends here!) for dinner.  One fun thing my engineer boys made was a light-brite out of legos!
 After much anticipation and excitement we drove 10 min to the airport to pick up Chris, Esther, Jadon, and Rahab!  We had dinner and played before putting the kids to bed and visiting.  

After an early wake-up we all made it to church and after ward the kids and Chris played on the playground while Zac and I attended a quick class to get more info about Crosswalk, the church.  Then it was up in the hills for a quick hiking adventure, a DQ stop, and back home to play in the pool.  I very fun filled day!  We get to play with the Ireland's one more day until they fly home and we're enjoying every minute of it (especially the part where Chris washes my dishes =) )!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Homeschool this week: FIAR The Clown of God

This is an old legend story of a Italian Renaissance orphan who juggled for his bread and eventually became a traveling clown.  We studied: Italy and ate spaghetti and gelato(!), gravity, rainbows, juggling and tried a bit ourselves, the Renaissance and made stained glass cookies(!), and did some handwriting work about bringing glory to God.
Making the stained glass cookies
 We started a new tradition this week called "Adventure Day!"  During the summer we will go on an adventure one day a week.  This week we went to an awesome theme park called Gilroy Gardens.  The kids loved it!
 That's Keanan on a roller coaster by himself!
 Kyla on the carousel by herself :)
This week we also had swimming lessons, played at the park with a homeschool group that we will be joining (yay!!!), had dinner at some new friends house, took a belaying class and did some rock climbing at this awesome place (that we are joining since Zac's work pays for 1/2!!) , and most importantly welcomed a new beautiful cousin to our family!!  On Wednesday Piper Ann Lathrop was born to my brother and sister-in-law!  I am sooo excited to snuggle her when we visit in August, and have to admit that I broke down in tears about being so far away from her on Wednesday night (poor Zac.).  =(

Next Post: weekend adventures with the Ireland's!!!!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Adventures! The one where the one legged man gets a bike...

It has been our tradition that each weekend we get out of the city.  We all need this after living on 10 acres in the middle of nowhere.  We miss nature and the solitude of being away from the rest of the world.  Typically, these adventures have taken place on Sunday after church.  They have so far included 2 trips to the ocean and one hike in Uvas Canyon on a waterfall loop trail.

This weekend started with Zac dismantling my car all day Saturday to try to fix a problem with the engine misfiring.   We also woke up to find Pretty Book, Kyla's betta fish, dead.  So the kids and I decided to walk about 10 minutes down to the CalTrain stop and ride the train 2 stations down to Mountain View.  We then walked about 5 minutes to a neat fish pet shop and procured another betta, Pretty Baby.  When we got home Zac was just putting everything back together - but the problem remained.  So my car is going to the shop tomorrow and we are down a car.
Waiting for the train at the Mountain View Station
Since we are so close to the train, it only makes sense to utilize it (and Zac's work will pay for the ticket!).  So after church on Sunday (we are attending Crosswalk Community in Sunnyvale and REALLY like it!), Zac found and bought himself a bike on Craigslist.  This process took a bit longer than expected, so we had to change our plans of going to see some Redwoods at one of the State Parks.  Instead, we found a cool park in Cupertino with a slightly intense hike up to a vista.  Amazing views of Silicon Valley!

Being silly at the park

Zac's new bike! 

We have been looking for a family hobby that will get us active, so Monday we are signed up for belay lessons at a local rock climbing gym!  We are all really excited!  We also hope to have dinner with some friends (or two) this week and I have a meeting with the local YoungLives group about becoming a mentor mom!  We are starting to get plugged in, but we all still miss "home".  :(  

Have a great week!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Homeschool this week: FIAR Three Names

This book is the story of a great-Grandfather telling about his year attending school in a prairie one room school house with his dog, Three Names.  We studied dogs, wisdom (with some bible handwriting practice), tornadoes (and made one in a bottle), painting with watercolors, marble games (and played them), and prairie life.  We have already read the Little House on the Prairie series, so we spent some time watching the pilot of the famous TV show.
One of the prairie stories we read ended with a doll tea party, complete with snickerdoodles.  We all felt it was very important to recreate this and invited Samantha (Kyla's doll), and the stuffed 747. =)

In other news this week:  we had friends from Zac's work over for dinner, all got haircuts, found a new doctor (Kyla has either an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite or poison ivy) and dentist (I had a slight chipped tooth).  We had a random evening trip to Great America for some roller coaster rides, bike riding practice, swimming lessons, and Keanan lost his 3rd tooth!
This evening Zac and I are attending a spiritual parenting class at our church and the kids get to watch a movie in the gym (they are super excited).

I hope to post more regularly here because I am deleting my Facebook account tomorrow morning, for a number of reasons.  It is freeing to think about not being connected to it.

Next post: our weekend adventures!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

FIAR The Glorious Flight!

It's not surprising that the move to Santa Clara has disrupted our normal routine.  So for the rest of the summer (most of August will be spent in Washington anyway), we will be using the Five In A Row curriculum for our school time.  This is a literature based unit study using popular childrens books.  We read the main book every day (five times in a row - hence the name), and then pick a different component of the story to study each day.  It is super fun and laid back, but we are all still learning - perfect for summer!
We spent the last week and a half "rowing" The Glorious Flight.  This is the true story of Louis Bleriot a his flight over the English Channel in 1909.  We studied France, and then found an awesome French cafe near our house (dangerously near...).  We studied perseverance and inventions, with some bible verse copy work and reading a neat invention book from the library.  We studied similes, and made some up on our own.  We studied roman numerals, and how to use them on a clock.  And of course, we studied the history of flight and the parts of an airplane.
To wrap it all up, we met Zac at an airport to see some real planes, and actual get inside a few!  He has some pretty cool connections ;).  This was a great unit and I'm glad we've decided to go this route during the summer.
Here's some other pictures from the week:

Friday, June 6, 2014

Exploring Santa Clara

The kids and I went to a park every day this week, in addition to the library, California's Great America theme park (twice), and grocery shopping.  I'm starting to get comfortable with the 10 min. radius drive around our house.  Here's some pictures from the week:
 On the double decker carousel at California's Great America
Driving the buggy cars with dad
 At the waterpark on Keanan's birthday
 The completed lego millennium falcon
 We started school this week!  Keanan working on a handwriting assignment outside
 One of the many parks.  This one is the favorite so far.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Keanan!

This was 6 years ago today
And this is now!  

I can't believe Keanan is already 6!  He is such a funny, smart, wonderful boy.  A huge blessing to our lives.  We are so excited to see what this coming year has in store for him.

Happy Birthday Keanan!