Monday, April 7, 2014

River Rafting and the Belknap Hot Springs

Two weekends ago we went on a family adventure to the Belknap Hot Springs located in central Oregon.  This amazing place is hidden on the McKenzie river and has two hot spring fed pools for people to soak/swim in.  We stayed in the lodge and had the best view of the river.  On Sunday morning we explored the gardens (lots of them!), spent time in the pool (of course), and then went river rafting on the river!  Our guide, George, was awesome and we had so much fun!  The rapids were the kids favorite and the water was moving really fast so we had a fun ride.  The only downside was that it was cold!  But nobody complained about that until we were done.  A good soak in the hot spring pool fixed us right up :)  Enjoy the pictures!

 View of the river from our deck
 View of the lower hot springs pool from our deck
 On the foot bridge across the river to the hot springs source and gardens
 hot springs source
 In the gardens

 In the "secret garden"  This will be gorgeous in summer!
More "secret garden"
This is NOT us, but this is exactly what we were doing!  Same river, from the rafting guide website.

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