Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Easter Week

Easter is my favorite holiday, and the most important one.  During Easter week we celebrate and remember the great love God showed us by Jesus' journey to the cross, his death, and glorious resurrection!  We took a break from regular school this week to focus on this amazing event, the kids called it "Easter School"!

The central part of our Easter Week was our Holy Week cards.  There were cards for each day and scripture reading so that we could journey with Jesus on his way to the cross.
The kids also colored and painted a lot this week (a little each day):

Here's the breakdown of our week:
On Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday with our church.  The kids got to spend the night at my parents while Zac and I served at the dinner for the TMTL Auction with the Ireland's - lots of fun!

On Monday we (naturally) colored Easter Eggs

On Tuesday we had a Passover Seder dinner with our small group!  I made the roast leg of lamb (yummy!).  This was a great time with the 7 families of our group reflecting on God's amazing love for his people (this includes us), and the connections between Passover and Jesus dying on the cross.

Wednesday was our busy day in Olympia with BSF, library, ballet, and me teaching childbirth class in the evening - but we made sure to read our Holy Week card.  We also received an offer on our house on Wednesday!

On Thursday we made jelly bean prayer bags for our family: "Red is for the blood he gave, green is for the grass he made, yellow is for the sun so bright, orange is for the edge of night, black is for the sins we made, white is for the grace he gave, purple is for his hour of sorrow, pink is for a new tomorrow!"

On Friday we did the scriptural Stations of the Cross with our Holy Week cards.  Zac was home from work (working on homework) so we got to do this as a family.  A very somber time.  The kids and I also spent some time with our friends, the Ireland's, at the children's museum.

On Saturday, after reading our Holy Week card, we drove to Portland for Great Buppa's 90th birthday and Easter brunch.  The kids even got treats from the Easter bunny!
On Sunday we woke up and finished the last of our Holy Week cards - He is Risen!  We had been learning an Easter hymn this week and we all sang it a few times on our way to church:

"Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia!
Sons of men and angels say, Alleluia!
Raise you joys and triumphs high, Alleluia!
Sing ye heaven and earth reply, Alleluia!!"

After a wonderful Easter service at our church, complete with pictures with our best friends and a photo bomb by Pastor Russ!
 To finish the day we drove to my parents house for fun, eggs hunts, family, and lots of food!

 A great celebration of God's amazing love for us, Jesus' amazing sacrifice on the cross, and His victory over death so that we can have a relationship with him forever!

He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!!

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