Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lego Love

The people in my house are CRAZY about legos.  The first thing both kids do when they wake up is build with legos.  The last thing Zac and the kids usually do in the evenings is play with legos.  It is very common to find all three of them for hours on Saturday in the lego room.  That's right - we love legos so much, that they have their own room in our house! It's not as crazy as the Lego Movie (which we all loved!), but still crazy!  Below are some pictures of our recent organization makeover of the lego stash (there is A LOT!)  This is only the beginning I think...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Goodbye Tige

Today we took our awesome cat, Tige, to his new home.  He is now living with the new ranch manager out at Cascades Camp.  This was the best thing for him since we won't be able to take him with us when we move (our house is for sale, by the way!).  He is the coolest cat ever and we know he'll love living out at camp.  We are all a little sad tonight and will miss him a lot.  :(

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day!

And no Pi Day would be complete without listening to "Mathematical Pi"!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Magic Builders!

Today was the Jr. First Lego League Expo in Seattle for the team that Keanan is on and Zac is the coach of, the Magic Builders!  The kids looked great in their matching shirts and hats and they did such a great job presenting their "Disaster Blaster" Volcanco model.  We are so proud of all the hard work they have done over the last few months!!
 The Expo was held at The Museum of Flight and while the kids were waiting for their chance to present to the reviewer, they got to do a scavenger hunt.  They did a great job working together as a team to answer the questions.

A major point of frustration happened at the end of the Expo when we found out that the organizers (who were not very organized) had not brought enough medals for all of the kids.  There was no planning in passing them out, just a chaotic free for all.  Since our kids did not push to the front to be first, they missed out and only 2 of the 6 on our team received medals.  Keanan was not one of the 2 and was devastated (he is also the youngest member of the team).  I was almost in tears with him.   As I was holding him and trying to calm him down, the awesome kids on our team decided to give their medals to Keanan.  I was really fighting back tears now.  We were reassured that all kids will receive medals, they will be sent in the mail.  Zac plans to send a letter to the organizers in hopes that this does not happen again.  I am amazingly proud of our Magic Builders for being a true team in every sense of the word.

Playing at the museum after the expo with Uncle Casey and Auntie Jess

We can't wait for next years Jr. First Lego League!