Monday, January 27, 2014

Book Review: Clutter Free with Kids by Joshua Becker

Want to reduce the clutter in your home but have no idea where to start?  Overwhelmed by all the "stuff" that accumulates with your kids?  This is the PERFECT book for you!

I was blessed to receive a review copy of "Clutterfree with Kids" and quickly read the whole thing.  Even after making the shift to a more minimalist lifestyle about 18 months ago, and recently purging the house of Christmas clutter earlier this month, I gleaned some great tips from this book.  New to the journey of simplifying your life or having already been on the road a while, you will find very few books that tackle minimalism / simple living with children.  It gets a little trickier, but, as Joshua proves in this book, not impossible.

The book itself is split into 3 sections: 1. Change Your Thinking, 2. Discover New Habits, 3. Free Your Life

The first section explains the idea of and benefits to simple living (minimalism).  This was a review section for me, but very well written.  You can find more info in Joshua's book "Simplify"

The second section was my favorite!  Each chapter was a different topic (toys, clothes, gifts, photos, artwork...) with reasons why (many with research backing them up) it is good to reduce clutter in these areas and helpful tips on how to beat the clutter and keep it at bay.  The schedules chapter really hit me - removing the clutter from our schedules, not just the physical stuff in our homes.  We have a rule of only 1 activity per kid at a time, and only 1 night out a week for me (birth stuff, friends...) to keep our focus on being a family and doing life together.  This chapter really reaffirmed our rule.

The third section of the book tied it all together, the knowledge and practical tips and how to keep it going.

I highly recommend this book if you have kids!  And if you don't, or want to learn more about minimalism, check out "Simplify"

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