Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our First Christmas Without Santa

It. Was. Awesome.

That pretty much sums it up!  The kids had absolutely no issues when we broke the news to them that Santa wasn't real.   We learned about the real St. Nicholas and that his love for Jesus inspired him to give to others, many times in secret.  This inspired all of us to start giving in secret with our money into a box that sat on the counter the whole month.  On Christmas morning we counted this money and chose to give it to Compassion International for relief work in the Philippines.  This was our present to Jesus this year.

We had many talks about "pretend Santa", as they called him throughout the month.  We still enjoyed the classic Christmas movies and books, but something was different - in a good way.  The focus was always on Jesus.  The kids themselves tied everything back to Jesus.  We also did Truth in the Tinsel which walked us through a piece of the Christmas story every day, so it was always fresh in our minds.

As Christmas drew closer I asked Keanan if he was sad that Santa was not real.  He thought for a moment and then replied, "no, I'm not sad.  When adults tell kids that Santa is real, it's kind of in between teasing and lying.  So I'm glad I know the truth.". He nailed it.  We didn't have to lie to our kids to make Christmas a wonderful, magical time - Jesus does a much better job than Santa ever could.

So, in review, we are so thankful that we ditched Santa and focused soley on Jesus this Christmas.  On Christmas Eve, when other kids were thinking about Santa filling their stockings as they go to bed, this was Kyla's prayer "Dear God, thank you for being born and dying for our sins on the cross."

It. Was. Awesome.

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