Friday, December 13, 2013

Homeschool: Week of 12-9

This week we were on x for Fox: "God's Word makes me wiser than my enemies"  One of the fun activities came with reading one of the many library books for this unit, The Gingerbread Boy (the fox tricks him and gobbles him up in the end!).  We made our own gingerbread boy, but thankfully he didn't run away and we all got to gobble him up!
We had book club on Tuesday with our homeschool group and did a book exchange party.  We also had our last BSF class before Christmas break.  Add in our daily Advent activities, and watching Eli 3 days this week (he's actually staying over tonight =) ), and we had a very busy week!

These little guys decided to come out and join the fun too!  

Less than 2 weeks til Christmas!

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