Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A week of Firsts!

It is clearly still summer here, (and 80 today!) but in my mind September is equal to fall, so I pretend.

With new seasons come new things to experience for the year.  This week was our first homeschool book club of the year (the kids love this and so do the moms who all get to chat together), our first BSF class of the year (another love for all - and this year we are studying Matthew!), and our first fair trip of the year (coming up on Friday, Kyla has never been!).  I am very bad about remembering to take pictures of things, but I will try really hard to get some fair pictures.

As the kids grow, mind and body, they are also thinking new things.  Like this creation out of keva planks that Keanan made.  It's a gear reduction (his words).  He had Zac have been having tons of fun learning about such things with technic legos and it is so neat to see him translating that new knowledge to different mediums.

We also had our (well, the kids and I) first experience last weekend slaughtering sheep.  Zac and his dad did the actual killing without us watching, but the kids and I got to watch the skinning and butchering.  It was so interesting getting to see all the organs.  The kids were not grossed out at all, but found it rather cool.  I love knowing where our food comes from, and in about 2 weeks one of those lovely lambs will be in my freezer.

And, just for fun, here is Chicken Soup - our first layer of eggs, and so far our most consistent!
Notice the sneaky cat on the outside of the coop.  This is the closest he has gotten to the chickens so far.  Hopefully it stays that way...

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  1. Lol, I'd be a very motivated egg-producer too with a name like that!