Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wrapping up August

For me, the end of August signals the end of summer.  I know that fall does not officially start on Sept. 1, but it might as well.  Fall and spring are my favorite times of year, times of great change in nature and exciting newness.'s not September yet!  So here's what's been going on these last few weeks of August:

First Annual Man Trip!
 Keanan, Zac, Grandpa John (and Nip the dog), Grandpa Phil, and Uncle Brian all hiked in to the Bertha May Lakes near Mt. Rainier for 2 nights of man camping.  Keanan had such a great time!  This was an annual tradition when Zac was growing up, and he has been waiting for Keanan to be old enough to start it with him.  Love this!

Birth!  I've been quiet on the blogging front this last week because Wednesday/Thursday I attended the sweet 2nd homebirth of our friends and doula clients.  It was an honor to witness the entrance of Mr. Benjamin into the world!


We are now the proud owners of Rocky, Pepples, Coffee, Kyla (named by Kyla). and Chicken Soup (named by Keanan)!  These girls are about 2 years old and so far, after only a day of ownership, we have collected 1 egg!  The kids and I are excited about being chicken farmers.  Zac is excited about eating eggs. :)


We have been studying I for insects, and G for goats the last few weeks.  School time is still one of my favorite parts of our day!

Bring on Fall!

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