Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wired or Un-Wired?

I've been struggling lately.  More and more it seems.  I'll get it under control for a few days, and then something happens (kids making me crazy, avoiding cleaning bathrooms...) and I run right back to it.  The internet.  For a stay-at-home / work-at-home mom the internet can be a great escape from being constantly needed.  It's easy to hop onto facebook/pinterest/reddit... for "just a second" to get away from the whining or chores.  But that "just a second" can quickly turn into way more.

I don't want to waste my day away on the computer.  I don't want my kids to hear "not right now", "just a second", "I'll be right there" all the time.  I want to invest in my children, in real relationships, in this home God has blessed us with.    I recently found an e-book that speaks to these very issues: The UnWired Mom by Sarah Mae.  Here's the gist of it: "The premise of The UnWired Mom is not that the Internet is bad; it is that we can enjoy it and use it without losing our lives to it. The UnWired Mom is about keeping our lives full and whole and allowing technology to be a healthy part of that life instead of an unhealthy, consuming one. The UnWired Mom, at its core, is about freedom."

So being aware that the internet can be an issue for me, what am I going to do about it?

First thing: facebook is blocked on my computer - I can only access it on my phone, through the web browser, not the app.  This makes is a bit tedious to do.  My goal is to limit my time on facebook to twice a day.

Second: unless I am using it for school or cooking, the computer stays off while the kids are up.  I can read blogs and the news during rest time or when they are sleeping.  During the day I want to invest in my kids.

Third:  all notifications are turned off on my phone.  The only sound it makes is if someone actually calls me.  No icons pop up for email or anything else.  My email does not automatically sync to my phone, I have to manually update it.  I have a problem with constantly checking my email.

Fourth:  I will have people over for dinner, call and hang out with my friends weekly.  Real face-to-face relationships.  Like what people did before the internet!

I want to use the internet as a tool (which is very helpful in running my business!), not let it use me.

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