Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On cell phones, speakers, and books

Recently, our small group has been studying parenting by "interviewing" a hand full of seasoned parents that we look up to.  One of these awesome couples raved about the book "Parenting with Love and Logic" while they were with us.  I ended up borrowing their copy and finished it a few days ago.  Zac and I both really like the premise of this book: offer choices instead of commands, forcing your kids to think and therefore learn responsibility.  For example, "Keanan, do you want sandals or tennis shoes today?"  instead of "Keanan, go get your shoes on."  This gives the illusion of control, and they do in fact have control over the small things, to the child - alleviating complaining and whining quite a bit.  A large part of the book is also about natural consequences based on the child's choices.  You complain about dinner - you wait to eat till breakfast.  You don't pick up your toys - you loose them (or, in our house, they go to "toy jail" and can only be bailed out by doing extra chores).  You are fighting with your sister in the car - the car stops and mom gets out until you're ready to be calm and kind (did this yesterday).  Some of the examples in the book are a little extreme for us, but most are excellent.  For the baby/toddler years we loves "Happiest baby/toddler on the block" and this book is going to be our go-to for the early school years.

This last weekend our church hosted authors and speakers, Bill and Pam Farrel for a "date night" conference on Saturday.  Our small group set up the church for the event (and then put it back together for worship on Sunday) and got to have dinner with the Farrel's as well.  What a great time!  They were super funny and insightful about the marriage journey.  We also had the opportunity to hear from them again on Sunday morning at our church.  Zac and I are excited to read their latest book,"A couples journey with God."

Zac and I had some great conversations in the car on the way home Saturday night after hearing the Farrel's. I was so distracted by the greatness of our conversation, in fact, that I forgot to put my cell phone in my purse.  So when I stood up to get out of the car, down fell my phone onto the concrete, shattering the glass! So now I am phone-less until the new glass arrives in the mail!!  I told Zac I feel naked!  Good thing I'm not on call for a birth ;)

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