Friday, June 28, 2013

New Web Address!

In the next few days I'll be moving my blog to instead of the current address.  If you are a follower or link up to my blog, please update the url you are using, THANKS!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Homeschooling Update

As we move toward to end of June most kids are done with, or finishing school for the year.  But not us!  We have made the decision a while ago to continue our home school year round.

This allows us to be super flexible throughout the year.  If we want to take a week break - then we do!  An un-planned field trip opportunity comes up - we take it!  If we want to go off on a tangent for a month - then we do!  No stress allowed.

Year round schooling also allows us to keep moving forward instead of playing catch up after an extended break.  This is one thing I despised as a public school teacher.

Homeschooling is a part of our routine.  This is one of the times though out the day that I enjoy most with the kids.  I think we might feel a little lost without our school time while we're home.

Currently Keanan is about 1/3 of the way through his Kindergarten curriculum with My Father's World.  I am absolutely loving this, and he is amazing me with how much he is learning.  This week is D for dinosaur! We have done/are planning to do lots of fun dinosaur activities including digging for bones and going to the science center in Seattle to see the dinosaur exhibit.  Each unit has fun activities related to the theme like these.

Kyla is following right along with the All About Reading Level Pre-1 curriculum and really getting a grasp on her letters and sounds.

I'm excited for the weeks and year to come!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"We Made Our Kids Our Hobby"

Currently, our small group is studying parenting.  To do this we have carefully selected 4 couples who we feel have been successful while raising their kids.  This means they are Christians, still married, and their kids are out of the house and doing well - married, walking with Jesus...  It has been wonderful to hear from these couples and ask them questions about what they did, what worked, what didn't work etc.

I was really struck by one of the statements that the couple last week shared: "we made our kids our hobby."  Meaning, whatever their kids were into, that's what they became interested in and got into as well.  In our selfish all-about-me culture this self-less approach really hit me.  Do I do this?  I'm not sure.

Every so often I get the itch to doula more (I currently take only 2-3 clients a year).  But does the MANY hours that doula work require benefit my kids, my family, or just me?  Is birth work my hobby, our is it my kids?

Thoughts to ponder...

Friday, June 7, 2013

10 Years

It's been 10 wonderful, amazing, blessed years today!!  Praying for many, many more to come.  I love you Zac!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Treasure Hunt Birthday!

On Monday Keanan will be FIVE!!!!  How did that happen?!?!  To celebrate our growing boy we had a treasure hunt birthday party today.  There were 14 kids, 11 who were actively participating in the festivities.    Zac and I had been planning this event for a few months - hiding the $25 worth of coins (most of them nickels) in a wooden box buried on our property.  Zac made the awesome maps and put them in little glass bottles.  Each map lead to another bottle and finally, the buried treasure.  It was so fun to see the kids crowding around the maps and then running to the next sport.  The looks on their faces when they dug up the box and saw REAL coins inside was priceless!!

Next, the kids had to solve clues to get to the cupcakes!  Each clue led them to another clue until they finally reached the dinning room.  We sang happy birthday to Keanan (which I had to stop singing or else I was going to cry!) and enjoyed rainbow cupcakes, which the kids and I had a blast making the day before.

The kids ran around playing in the woods and lawn while the adults visited.  Keanan opened presents from family and then we all roasted marshmallows and ate smores.  Lastly was the fireworks!  This is our (new this year) family tradition.  Zac, the kids, and I did the majority of the fireworks after everyone left so we could enjoy them in the dark.  Keanan loved it all!!  A great, great day.