Thursday, May 16, 2013

The No Brainer Wardrobe

I LOVED this ebook!!  It was a quick read, but the action points are what really made it great.  Some of these include purging your closet, analyzing your pinterst pins to figure out your own personal style, figuring out your body type, how to shop for great clothes, and my favorite - creating a "look book."  Below are some of my look book pictures. (low pic quality, sorry)

Basically, you gather you clothing items and make as many outfits as you can.  Since I am a "practical minimalist", I only have 35 items of clothing (not including under clothes and socks) - but I came up with about 60 outfits!  I plan to print the pictures and put them on a ring, flipping through in the morning if I need some inspiration.  This book was well worth the $8 it cost - read it today!

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