Saturday, May 25, 2013

Redeeming Childbirth - book review

I just finished reading this excellent book.  If you are a Christian and pregnant you NEED to read this.  The author, Angie Tolpin, is not a birth professional, she's just a regular mom of 6 and God laid it on her heart to write this book.  

As a culture we tend to prepare mentally, and to some extent, physically for birth - but the spiritual aspect is mostly ignored.  Tolpin argues the case that birth, as in every aspect of the believers life, should be focused on God - inviting Him to be present, glorifying Him, surrendering to Him, and relying on His strength.   Birth IS a life changing and spiritual event, but as we have greatly medicalized it, we have taken Jesus out of it.  

Even though Tolpin focuses on an un-medicated birth, there is no judgement about how or where a woman chooses to birth.  She stresses the need for unity among sisters in the faith in regards to how we view birth - a positive, very spiritual, life event.  One that can have a hugely positive impact on marriages and family relationships.

I will be loaning this book, and the study guide that goes with it, to all my doula clients.  Check it out (click on the book pic above) and spread the word!

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