Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's My Birthday! Will You Get Me A Present?

In honor of celebrating 32 blessed years of life on May 3rd, I am asking family, friends, random blog readers, strangers... to please consider a gift of $32 to Care Net of Thurston County on my behalf!  I'm not one for material gifts, but this type of gift will change lives in my community.

I have been privileged to volunteer at Care Net over the last few years, and it is becoming a bigger part of my life and ministry.  Care Net is saving lives, both now and for eternity.  They offer pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, counseling, parenting classes, childbirth/ breastfeeding/ newborn classes (I teach those!), post abortion recovery classes, lists of community resources, love, grace, and Truth - all for FREE!  I see the hope they are instilling in the lives of the families that come there - hope for their pregnancy and hope for the future.  Care Net is reaching women and families where they are - they are being Jesus.

SO, will you get me a birthday present??  I would be honored if $32 was given to Care Net in my name.  And if not $32, then whatever amount your heart desires!  Click the link below to donate, and thank you for giving a gift that will save/change lives!

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