Monday, April 15, 2013

Amazing Life

I was blessed to be able to teach childbirth classes the last two Saturdays - one being my planned class at Care Net, the other being a last minute back up for the very experienced educator at Birthing Roots.  Both classes went so well and were super fun!  The more I teach cbe, breastfeeding, and newborn care - the more I LOVE it!  To experience the joy of new life, and new families growing is such an amazing thing.

We were also able to witness another amazing part of life this weekend - the life cycle of a moth.  Keanan caught a wolly bear caterpillar 2 months or so ago.  After a bit it made a chrysalis  and then this weekend it emerged as a beautiful moth!  So neat to see!

Zac is gone in Chicago for more research on the bionic leg, so my friend Chris and I were able to serve last night at a celebration of the transformation of like, the Truly Motivated Transitional Living (TMTL) dinner and auction.  We had so much fun - and didn't drop anything!  Much money and awareness was raised for this amazing organization here in Yelm that lifts lives out of addiction and onto solid ground.  

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