Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Long time, no blog.

We've been settling into our new normal with a newborn in the house - and loving every minute of it.  Eli is thriving, Amber is recovering super well, Kyla want's to touch Eli every moment he's awake, Keanan really doesn't care, I get to snuggle a sweet baby every day (in addition to my own!), and Zac...is Zac! :)

We are moving right along with homeschooling and have finished our first unit of Kindergarten!  It was so fun to do the different activities and learn a ton about the sun.  We are now into the middle of our second unit all about the moon.

Keanan and Kyla started swimming lessons again today (first time for Kyla) and LOVED it.  So, with BSF on Wednesdays that puts us in Olympia 3 days a week.  Add in small group on Monday nights and church on Sunday mornings - yep, we're weird, unsocialized homeschoolers!  ;)

 March is proving to be an already busy month since I will be teaching a 4 week childbirth class series in Olympia on Thursday nights.  I will be evaluated during this series for my certification (through the International Childbirth Educators Association), so please keep me in your prayers!  

I will not be taking another doula client until August (first repeat family!!), so Zac and I have been having conversations about some family trips coming up soon.  Maybe DC??  Hopefully there will be a Jeep and A-frame pop up trailer in our future, but probably not until the fall.

I hope to blog more often now that things are settling :)

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