Monday, March 18, 2013

Horses and Tomahawks!

We had a lovely family weekend!  Saturday was spent at home cleaning the garage (long overdue).  On Sunday we went to church - first time for Eli, and he got his traditional church quilt.  After lunch we headed out for Auntie Jess and Uncle Casey's.  For Christmas they gave the kids a cards for activities: afternoon at the Ranch for Kyla, and afternoon at Frontier Village for Keanan - and they got to redeem them.  Kyla had tons of fun riding a horse all around the ranch.  After taking the horse back to the pasture with the 30 others we met the guys up at Frontier Village - they had been throwing tomahawks, shooting bee-bee guns and exploring the tee pee's.  All 6 of us hiked up to the challenge course and played around on the obstacles.  Auntie Jess made us a yummy dinner and we watched the jungle book while munching on cookies.  Good day!

Here's some random pictures from the week:
 Keanan's new do!

 How we celebrated Pi Day (3-14)

Bentley guarding Eli

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