Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Eggs and Geo Caching!

It was a busy week this last week, followed by a calmer family weekend.  Some highlights:

- On Wednesday we got to play with the Ireland kids and take them out to visit great grandma and papa at the lake for lunch.  Since we had just finished studying the moon in kindergarten, Papa pulled out a bunch of his pictures and articles because he helped build the lunar rover for the Apollo 12 mission (how AWESOME is that!).  It was so cool!

- On Friday I attended the REACHE conference (regional association of childbirth educators) in Renton all day.  It was fantastic!  I got to hang out with some birthy friends and hear great speakers.  Really great conversations were had all day.

- On Saturday Kyla and I had coffee with one of my good friends from elementary/jr. high/high school.  We talked for over 2 hours, so great to catch up.  We also colored Easter eggs using food Saturday afternoon.  I was impressed at how well it worked!

- Sunday was church, shooting guns with Uncle Casey, birthday party at the gymnastics center for a friend, and dinner with Uncle Casey.  On our way home from church we made a quick stop to explore, hunt, and find our first geo cache!  It was just like a treasure hunt, we all loved it!  Many more to come.

 Our Easter Tree

 The food dyed eggs

First Geo Cache!

Holy Week also started yesterday.  We will be doing our "Holy Week Journey" as we did last year, learning a new Easter hymn, hopefully attending Good Friday service, and of course Easter service on Sunday followed by Easter dinner with Uncle Casey (the rest of the Vawter side is traveling).  Happy Holy Week!

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