Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mexico 2013

Radical movement #2!

In about 2 weeks we are going on a mission trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with our small group from our church.  All of us - including the kids.  There are 4 families with kids ranging in age from 6 months to 6 years (10 kids total), and a few high schoolers.  We will be spending most of our time out at the Calvary Chapel mission at the dump - where people are living and working.  The dads will be making bricks and building a house for a family at the dump while the moms and kids will be hanging out at the mission interacting with the Mexican kids that come there to learn English and the bible.

"That's crazy!" you might be saying.  "Why would you take your kids there?!"  Why not?  As a small group we have recently read the book "Radical: taking back your faith from the American dream" which then inspired this trip.  We are too comfortable in our little suburban world where we have turned our faith into something convenient for us, while ignoring the "hard teachings" of Jesus in the gospels.  We need to wake ourselves up.  To take a real look at how people are living in other parts of the world, to respond to the call that Jesus gave all believers to GO.  We want our kids to be a part of this as well.

We arrive in Mexico on the 30th and will leave on Feb. 6th - God willing we all make it on the airplane (we are flying standby in order to save money for the actual work at the mission).  We will be staying with church families in downtown PV and then driving out to the dump to work each day.

Please pray for us!  For favor in travels (with 10 kids under 6!).  For all the housing details to get worked out.  For safety while in PV.  For the guys to be able to make lots of bricks for building the house.  For relationships with the Mexican kids and families.  For our kids to sleep!

Radical?  YEP!  But this is what God is calling us to do - and we are so excited!

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