Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Four Words for 2013

As is my tradition, I have been praying over the last couple of days for a word for each of us to focus on over the next year.  I'm excited to share them and ask if you are reading this post, to please pray them over each of us.

Kyla - Whimsical.  Kyla is approaching the innocent age of 3.  She loves to make believe and it is such a joy to see her imagination growing.  She believes with all her heart that she is a beautiful princess - and she is right!  I pray that this whimsical spirit of hers is nurtured and grows, as does her childlike faith in her Heavenly Father.

Keanan - Connection.  Keanan is building connections between everything in his world - in learning to read, do math, build relationships with friends, understand his role in the family, and understand his relationship with God.  I pray that these connections will continue as he grows mind, body, and spirit this year.

Zac - Persevere.  Zac is working hard at his job and at Graph Seeker - most of his time is spent on these two things.  Both can be frustrating and difficult.  I pray for favor in these areas, especially as he works toward possibly releasing Graph Seeker this year.

Jen - Radical.  My word was the one that came most easily.  I, and we as a family, have undergone some radical changes in thinking and how we live this last year - and I pray for this to continue.  I pray the most that I would not shrink back, but radically step out however God calls me in 2013 as I learn more about what it means to follow Jesus.  Stay tuned tomorrow as I post about our first RADICAL change as a family this year!

This is my theme song as we enter 2013.  May your faith be reckless as we show the world around us the love of Christ!

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