Saturday, December 22, 2012

Week in Review 12-22

Christmas is almost here!  We are so excited  - the anticipation is my favorite part.  Today we did a family first: graham cracker houses!  We used all of our saved candy from Halloween and they turned out so cute!

Our letter this last week was V for vase, vulture, and violet.  Keanan's reading skills are improving each week and he is really excited to start our kindergarten curriculum after just 4 more weeks of our current curriculum.

We have only 2 more Truth in the Tinsel advent crafts left!  It has been so fun exploring the Christmas story piece by piece; but I am ready to be done with the daily crafts!  Here are our picture from this week and some catch up from last week:
Day 15 - Manager

Day 16 - Cloths

Day 17 - Sheep

Day 18 - Angels

Day 19 - Shepherds

Day 20 - Temple

Day 21 - Star

Day 22 - Wise Men

Happy Sabbath tomorrow and last Sunday of Advent: LOVE!

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