Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week in Review 12-16

We had a fun Christmassy week in the Vawter house!  Our letter this week was U for umbrella, udder, and umbrella bird (a stretch, I know).   Besides our annual Christmas craft playdate on Tuesday we also had our last BSF class before break, and a play day at Grandma's house on Friday.  Saturday was full of family fun at our friends Jadon's 3rd birthday party, followed by a family run/bike ride (Zac had his maiden run on the new running foot and did great!), and fun with the Hobb's kids in the evening while their parents went out (Zac and I both got to snuggle Miss Lilly (2 months old) for about 6 hours).  We spent today in Mossyrock for more Christmas fun.  Whew!

Here are our advent ornament crafts from the week (we haven't done days 15 and 16 yet, but will catch up tomorrow):
Day 9 - Joseph

Day 10 - Dream

Day 11 - Jesus' Name

Day 12 - Census

Day 13 - Bethlehem

Day 14 - Stable

A definite downside to our week was Friday and the shootings.  The kids did not see any of the news coverage, and I am thankful yet again that we do not own a TV.  However, we did talk with them about what happened.  We didn't tell them that there was a shooting, but that someone came into a school, made some very bad decisions and a lot of people died - including a bunch of kids.  I wanted them to hear it from us before they overheard it somewhere else.  We prayed for all the people involved and for all the families of those kids.  We also watched the President over the internet as he addressed the nation, which made me cry. Keanan asked why I was crying and I told him that it was really sad.  He replied, "but mommy, those kids get to be with Jesus."  True, true.  My parents heart still mourns for those families, but I do find some peace in Keanan's words.

Happy Sabbath and 3rd Sunday of Advent - JOY!

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