Monday, December 17, 2012

Freedom for Birth

As all my readers are aware, I am passionate about birth.  I feel that there are two sides to birth, choices and skills.  Skills can be learned and used in every situation, no matter if the choices you had made follow the plan you wanted or not.   These important skills can be learned through the Pink Kit or other skills based resource like it.

Choices are another animal.  Many women are not aware of their options and choices available to them during birth.  And in many parts of the world women are not free to choose where, how, and with whom they give birth.  This is true at some level in most of the US.  This is not okay.  This is a human rights issue.

Please take a moment to watch this video, Freedom for Birth.
I challenge you to join One World Birth and learn more about this issue today.  Birth should be a wonderful experience where skilled women are free to make their own choices about what goes on - but right now, this is not the case.   Join now.

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